Microsoft Surface Dial


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  • Customize, Navigate, and More
  • Fast & Easy Access to Shortcuts
  • Provides tactile feedback in software adjustable increments
  • For Select Surface devices

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Microsoft Surface Dial Press and hold Surface Dial to display a radial menu of tools, making it easier and faster to do the things you love your way, while supporting your workflow.

Microsoft Surface Dial

Adjust the volume on your favorite Groove track. Scroll through news articles without touching your keyboard or mouse. Fly through your local city in Windows Maps.


Microsoft Surface Dial

Microsoft Surface Dial is compatible for any PC, laptop or tablet that having the latest version of Windows 10 and supports Bluetooth LE. This Surface Dial can do with Surface Studio, Surface Pro, and Surface Book 2 can also be done with Surface Book, Surface Laptop, and Surface Pro 4.


All Windows 10 devices
Press and hold: For menu
Rotate: Freely/continuously (both directions); 0.30 N-cm resistance torque
Click: Activates a momentary switch with 300g force; Rotate detection functional in up and down button positions
Dynamic feedback: Provides tactile feedback in software adjustable increments
On-screen detection: Touch digitizer reports the onscreen location through a capacitive pattern (Studio only)


Bluebeam (Revu)
Drawboard (Drawboard PDF)
Mental Canvas (Mental Canvas Player)
Silicon Benders (Sketchable)
Smith Micro (Moho 12)
Spotify (Spotify)
Staffpad (StaffPad)
Windows (All)
Word, PPT, Excel (Office Win32)
OneNote (UWP version)
Windows Maps
Groove Music
PewPew Shooter
Microsoft Photos

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Microsoft Surface Dial

Weight 0.145 kg
Dimensions 18.54 × 12.95 × 5.08 cm

Casing: Aluminum
Color:   Magnesium

Bluetooth Low Energy
Frequency: 2.40 GHz
Range: 2 meters
Capacitive-touchscreen detectable (Studio only)


2 AAA alkaline batteries (included)


This Microsoft Surface Dial is designed to used with select Surface devices such as the Surface Pro, Book, and Studio to provide you with a different way to access and navigate your system. Pair the Dial to your device via Bluetooth 4.0 LE to access its features. With it, you can easily adjust the volume of your music, scroll through web pages and documents, zoom in and out of pictures, and more.



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